Where has Callum gone? - 21st Jun 2017

Hi there

Hey I’m excited! I’ve just made a big decision (ok, I made it a few weeks ago) and it’s a big deal to me but doesn’t need to be for you. In fact, it shouldn’t be …..

I’ve decided to re-brand some of my work to create a distinction between that which I do on my own as myself (callummckirdy.com), and that which I do in collaboration with other experts better at some of the technical stuff we work on together, such as providing staff engagement surveys – this sort of thing will stay at leadingideas.co.nz.

So, from today CallumMcKirdy.com will be home to:

  • all my conference and corporate speaking,
  • team and culture development workshops and
  • when I mentor and facilitate leadership retreats.
My new website is up and running at  .… you guessed it …. CallumMcKirdy.com. We’ll be working to add functionality over the coming weeks to include things like a shop to buy my new book (yip, that’s on its way and it’ll be ace!) My infrequent Tuesletter will move to CallumMcKirdy.com as well because I dig the name and have a lot to tell you all about some pretty cool models and offerings I’m getting great feedback from a few clients about that I want to share with you.

You may have picked up on me using the term “we” above. While CallumMcKirdy.com is my thought leadership practice, I’ve had to build a team to support me and now have a wonderful practice manager, Beren, in place for the last six weeks. He’s one of those annoyingly competent, detail-focused and customer-oriented types and may respond to some emails when I’m on the road, but otherwise it’ll still be me on the other end. I’m really stoked he’s on board and we’ll be adding another member to the team shortly so Beren can focus on bigger things we’ve got planned for the year ahead. You can get in touch with him at hello@callummckirdy.com if you need any info about our services or to book me to speak at your conference or roadshow. 

What’s happening with LeadingIdeas.co.nz?

Well, this is now going to be used as an umbrella for collaborations and partnerships with other thought leaders and quality service providers. This doesn’t mean it’ll be left dormant – we have some cool ideas percolating – one of which is a conference so stay tuned.

I’m very keen for this to work for you as a client, collaborator, all-round good chap or chapesse, or member of my community. If anything’s unclear or you just want to chat, get in touch. My contact number remains the same (+64 21 880 162) BUT my email address is now callum@callummckirdy.com.  Yes, callum@leadingideas.co.nz will still work, but will be redirected to the callummckirdy.com address.

Feel free to check out the new website and be sure to sign up to my Tuesletter. Those who get in quick will get a copy of my short e-book on building Optimised Teams.

Talk soon and see you over at CallumMcKirdy.com soon


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