LeadingIdeas + Workshop Facilitation = learning through stories

Taking action through stories breeds success in our workshops


Having a captive audience of critical people in your organisation in the same room at the same time has the potential for great things to happen. It could be your team or organisation need to hear a clear message and all be on the same page, or it could be you have taken the often bold step of seeking feedback from staff or customers about their experiences with you.

Our approach to facilitation is about (a) unearthing potential, and (b) knowledge transfer. - assisting others to see how great they are and can be.

We have a number of off-the-shelf workshops we frequently run publicly and/or in-house with our professional clients ranging from 1 hour snapshots highlighting specific tips, to 2-day team building and strategy sessions - and we always try to cement the learning by telling great stories because we firmly believe stories drive experience, which drive engagement, which drives cultures.

We also run workshops on the core services LeadingIdeas provides, and Callum is available for hosting and speaking engagements via his practice at CallumMcKirdy.com

We base any sort of adult learning on the principles of Awareness, Acceptance and Action - in that order, with one being critical for the next to occur. This step-change model of repetition forms the basis of all development opportunities we run, which we have found to be not only rewarding for participants, but also for us as facilitators as we can actively see where and how we are being effective.

Topics on which we have recently run sessions include:
  • Developing an Organisational Vision and Mission
  • Gathering and reporting on feedback from service users
  • Developing your Employment Brand
  • Engaging staff for greater productivity
  • Motivating teams for high performance
  • Keying-in to your passion

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