Staff that 'click' with what you do are more productive

LeadingIdeas & Employee Engagement

Employees are people too – they respond to what’s happening in your workplace in emotional and (ir)rational ways .... Engaged staff that connect with your business give more effort and stay longer!

Whether you’re just curious, have embarked on some recent change, or are keen to gain greater productivity from your workforce, measuring and managing the level of engagement your staff have with their workplace is a critical measure of your future success.

We're firm believers in measuring what matters, but even greater believers in measuring the things you can do something about!

Otherwise, don’t bother! You’re simply creating a rod for your own back. We ensure our staff surveys ask research-based questions about the things that are important to you and your workforce, and dig into not just what, but why things, issues, processes, failures and successes happen. When we partner with clients we conduct a rigorous reality checking process to ensure the questions ask for relevant information that can be responded to – in a sense we work backwards from what you need to know about and create the questions from there.

Newsflash!! – There’s no point knowing all this if you’re not going to respond to it ....

Running a survey shows you’re interested - having the results is interesting; but staff seeing you actively respond to survey findings is where the rubber hits the road. And the response needs to be two-way. It is both management's and the staff responsibility to put in effort that drives engagement higher - both parties have a vested interest in this.

Here at LeadingIdeas we partner with our clients to ensure their response to what staff have said is what matters - to staff and crucially, to the business and it's achievement of reaching its goals. We do this by involving the staff and having them take ownership of the results and the way anything negative is actively prioritised, and/or the good things are actively enhanced.

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