No Mimes Allowed: Leadership isn't a silent act!

No Mimes Allowed: Leadership isn't a silent act!

When we think about the most influential people in our careers, we immediately remember the people who shifted us through their words and followed these up with aligned behaviours.

Unlocking the behaviours of emerging & new-to-role leaders

Potential leaders are everywhere – in our homes, communities, and workplaces. We see leadership as being about readiness, appropriateness, and willingness – on the part of both the leader and follower(s) - to unearth the potential in themselves and others. This can only be done through the conversations leaders have with the people who follow them. Speaking effectively to staff is leadership - nobody ever followed a mime!

The skills that leaders require have been researched and written about for decades. What this research tends to agree on is that successful and enduring leadership requires certain characteristics. Some of these are universal; others are situation-specific. Most likely in your organisation leadership is a mix of characteristics demonstrated through behaviours and management skills - all of which are accompanied by the words they speak.

We call this Applied Leadership.

LeadingIdeas work with groups and individuals alike to developed tailored programmes to enhance leadership capability. Most often this is with first-time and/or frontline managers, which in our experience is the workforce segment that is struggling most with the what and how of getting work done. Put bluntly, we're yet to find a workplace that adequately sets up first time managers to succeed and/or support emerging leaders to shine bright enough the light that guides their team.

If a manager wants to be a leader, then they must:
  • lead by example with an guiding vision or purpose;
  • know how to be themselves and be proud of who they are;
  • have the ability to inspire confidence in others;
  • know when to take advice;
  • have the resolve to move ahead even in the most questionable times;
  • love what they do and communicate their passion to others;
  • learn to lead by following and trusting others; and
  • develop the ability to coach others.
  ...... all of which can only be done by having better conversations with staff

We have run sessions (as either one-off or as part of targeted leadership development frameworks) for clients covering the following topics:
  • Building high performing teams
  • Knowing yourself better to know your team (using the JTI assessment)
  • Motivating for success
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • When good staff go bad
  • Creative Leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Managing for success
  • Building engagement
  • Developing and fostering trust

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