Teams are complex little buggers, but the fundamentals of a solid, high-performing team are simple .....

LeadingIdeas & Team BuildingWe're yet to find one that doesn’t need a little challenge to shake them up!

Sometimes teams hum along; other times they seem to get stuck in the mud. The reasons for this are as vast and long (and tricky to negotiate) as the Southern Alps! But the underlying causes are often very obvious – it’s just that nobody wants to confront them.

We typically work with management teams and teams of staff who are looking to gel better for both higher performance and a greater sense of engagement with the workplace. Teams thrive or stall based on the conversations they have. 

Being Jung Type Indicator (JTI - think Myers Briggs on steroids) accredited, we use grounded techniques to assess, highlight and assist client groups to approach their team work in more productive ways. This often means getting to know each other better as teams are based on interaction; not just relationships. Not everyone gets along or holds each member in the same regard. This is ok; it’s actually human nature so we should acknowledge this. The key is working in ways that get work done more productively while also ensuring work experiences are positive – after all, you want to keep your good staff right?

A good place to start in The Table Group's 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.  Contact us here to discuss your team’s needs.


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