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Fact #1 - If you employ staff, you have an employment brand.

People talk. It's that simple.

Work is a large part of life so it goes without saying we all talk about work. A lot. What we say about the places we work in, the people we work with and for, and our experiences at work contribute to the brand of our employers. In tight labour markets the perceptions people have of you as an employer are quite frankly critical in attracting people to work for you.

Increasingly today there are multiple ways to ‘talk’ about work – over a coffee, at social functions, on the sports field, at the dinner table, and the opportunities to instantly get a message out are getting more and more diverse and faceless. Interacting via mobile and social media means we can talk locally and globally simultaneously often without concern for who could receive or read the message. While things may be said in an instant, messages online are forever – meaning what is said about you online is available for scores of people to see and make judgements about. A throw-away line with a group of friends over coffee is no longer just a quick moan about work – online this equates to a global statement of fact. The question is – do you know what your staff say about you and your organisation? More importantly, do you know what the public (read potential employees and your competition) are hearing about you as an employer?

Fact #2 – With a little targeted effort you can take control of, and enhance your employment brand (and drastically reduce your recruitment effort & spend).

That said, it is relatively easy to harness, develop and enhance your employment brand. Like any brand, your employment brand is about creating the experiences you want your staff to be telling other people about. This doesn’t have to mean going all “Google” and allowing staff to do as they please in a workspace they design and you have no control over - quite the opposite - it’s about:
  • getting to know your current staff and what they’re saying about you;
  • knowing your target audience (the people you want working for you and those staff you want to keep);
  • knowing where people are ‘talking’ about you so you can ensure every impression is a positive one;
  • ensuring your recruitment practices reflect your brand;
  • aligning your employer and customer brands; and finally
  • making it easy for your staff to speak highly about you (to ease recruitment headaches, increase engagement and ensure your good people stay with you longer).

That all starts with having better conversations about work, at work. Conversations build relationships. Relationships build on the drivers of employee engagement, and engaged staff are your brand ambassadors. It's a no-brainer - you just have to choose to make the effort to connect with your staff.

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