Organisations, Teams and Individuals

The greatest competitive advantage
available to any organisation
is the benefits derived through having
better conversations about work, at work.


Team Building

Sometimes teams hum along; other times they seem to get stuck in the mud. But the underlying causes are often very obvious – it’s just that nobody wants to confront them.

Team success is based on professional interaction; not just personal relationships. The key is working in ways that get work done more productively while also ensuring work experiences are positive – after all, you want to keep your stars right?


Workshop Facilitation

We tend to run a lot of workshops and use the issues and ideas that crop-up with clients to inform course material to ensure relevance and currency (all without naming names of course!).

We frequently run publicly and/or in-house sessions with our professional clients ranging from 1 hour snapshots highlighting specific tips, to 2-day team building and strategy development sessions.

Consulting Services

Employment Branding Strategy 

If you employ staff, you have an employment brand. 
People talk. Work is a large part of life so it goes without saying we all talk about work. A lot. What we say about the places we work in, the people we work with and for, and our experiences at work contribute to the brand of our employers. The opportunities to instantly get a message out are getting more and more diverse and faceless.

The question is – do you know what your staff say about you and your organisation? More importantly, do you know what the public (read potential employees and your competition) are hearing about you as an employer?

That said, harnessing, developing and exploiting your employment brand is a relatively simple thing to do. Contact Us to learn more about what this involves or discuss how we can assess, develop and enhance your employer brand.


Human Resources & Culture Change Strategy

Developing good HR strategy is just giving an idea wings and a clear flight path. 
  When it comes to strtaegy we believe the best approach is for us to partner with clients to ask the questions that matter.  We then develop the strategy in partnership as you know your business best – you bring the detail; we bring ideas and the external, unclouded reality check to focus on those key areas that will make the most difference (rather than doing lots of things to little advantage). Together we develop honest, realistic, inspiring, clear and purposeful people-based strategies you and your staff can work towards. Contact Us to discuss your strategic HR needs.

Capability & Leadership Development

Leadership is context-specific, and any leader is only as good as the level of engagement of their followers
Potential leaders are everywhere – in our homes, communities, and workplaces. we see leadership as being about readiness, appropriateness, and willingness – on the part of both the leader and follower(s). The skills that leaders require have been researched and written about for decades. What this research tends to agree on is that successful and enduring leadership requires certain characteristics. To discuss the development needs for yourself, or someone in your organisation's leadership team, Contact Us.


Employee Engagement

Employees are people too!
They respond to what’s happening in your workplace in emotional and (ir)rational ways ....

We rea firm believers in measuring what matters, but even greater believers in measuring the things you can do something about.
Otherwise, don’t bother! You’re simply creating a rod for your own back.

However, there’s no point knowing anything about your workforce's attitudes if you’re not able or going to respond to it ...... Running a survey shows you’re interested; having the results is interesting; but staff seeing you actively respond to survey findings (read- "the things they've bothered to tell you about") is where the rubber hits the road. Contact Us to discuss your employee engagement needs.


Small on size; Big on effective development solutions.

LeadingIdeas Limited is a collaborative space used by a collective of professional development and change experts to work together bringing unique and cutting-edge solutions to client organisations across New Zeland and Australia. 

"I'm proud of the work we do assisting individuals and teams to uncover, unlock and unleash their own potential for collective success through:

  • Facilitating High-Impact Workshops, Presentations & Seminars;
  • Developing Leaders;
  • Engaging Staff in their Work and Workplaces;
  • Building Effective Teams; and
  • Developing Employer Branding & Culture Change Strategies."


- Callum Mckirdy - Director and Lead Facilitator of LeadingIdeas


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